India is witnessing a high demographic dividend as well as a rise in aspiration amongst the youth of the country. Many students in economically weaker areas, especially girls find it very difficult to achieve their dreams due to a lack of opportunities, affordable resources and timely guidance. Even highly talented girl students are constrained to household chores or low-profile jobs. Women represent 50% population of the country and their representation in the best institutes as well as the top leadership positions is less than 10%.

A very famous African proverb says that “If you educate a man, you educate an individual. But if you educate a woman, you educate a nation.” Women’s Higher education thus forms a very important tool to achieve gender equality and hence form a strong nation.

To create this opportunity and bridge the gap between dream and reality Mission CAT under guidance of Mr. Sony Goyal, IIMA alumnus) has come up with a project named PUNJAB100. This project is uniquely conceptualized towards providing the best quality Coaching to crack the coveted MBA exams of this country like CAT, XAT, IIFT etc. This process will not only make them CAT ready but will also provide them with the skillset of cracking various exams like that of a bank, SSC, etc. The project PUNJAB100 has the potential to take Punjab from women empowerment to ‘women-led empowerment’.

Vision and Mission

Vision: “To empower girls from economically weaker sections to excel in their careers while promoting women lead empowerment”.

Mission: “To get girls from an economically weaker section into Institutes of National repute while enhancing their skills with rigorous coaching”.