Chief Mentor

Mr. Sony Goyal, also known as SoGo Sir, is a passionate mentor, a coach, a career counselor, a serial Social entrepreneur, a system and management consultant, a motivator, a guide, and an inspiration to many aspiring minds. He is National Record Holder for Cracking CAT 14 times with 99+%ile. He is a renowned coach and exactly knows the recipe of cracking it. His teaching style and approach have the ability to ease any problem.

One of the recently published books titled “A chapter out of My Life” features his story and dream of universalization of education with the title “Making Others Dream”. During Covid he created 300 Plus video lectures for CAT Aspirants, which are available on YOUTUBE Channel and are very much like by Students in India. Y ou can visit the @MissionCA T channel and prepare for CAT and other Competitive Exam from the channel.

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